PDF Album from Multiple Files - Easy Step by Step Guide

Which is the optimal format for creating digital photo albums? Now that is a question that you may have asked yourself when confronted with the need to create a digital photo album which you then had to send to friends and family via e-mail or store on a CD, DVD or your local hard-drive.

Creating a PDF album

In this post I will try to point out the advantages of using the PDF format when creating digital photo albums and also show you, with detailed instructions, how to create a PDF album using BatchPhoto. The PDF format has two main advantages:

  • reduced size
  • increased compatibility

Storing your pictures as a PDF album will reduce their overall file size giving you the possibility to send albums of dozens of photos via e-mail without having to worry about your email client's maximum file size or quantity limit.

The PDF file format is very common these days so your album will be opened successfully on virtually any computer. All you need to open PDF files is Adobe's Acrobat Reader, which is distributed free. This way there is no need for a special and expensive program to read the contents of your album just because you chose a format that regular photo viewers can't read.

There is a predefined profile, Convert to PDF Album, which should be used whenever you want to create a PDF album. Load this specific profile by selecting the Select Profile option from the Wizard menu or using Windows' right-click contextual menu on a group of photos. The settings of this profile should be considered default for this specific task. If the situation requires it though, they can be modified to suit your specific needs.

The profile uses the Resize filter whose settings can be adjusted depending on how large you want your output photo album to be. If you want better picture quality and a large album size then increase the size of the pictures. Otherwise, if you want lower quality and a smaller album size, decrease it.

The profile sets the output format to PDF and activates the multi-page option for this format. You should not modify these settings if you want the album to be created correctly. Regarding the format settings, the compression algorithm is set to JPEG and the quality Is set very high. You can modify these values to try to obtain a better output photo quality or the desired album size.

I hope this post gave you useful information regarding the PDF file format and it's use in storing digital images.

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